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The more you look, the less you will see.

Mr. Kyne Bendon

Happily married to my babo.

With fuckatoos.

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  • comedeepinside:

    The sex I had as a teen was insane.

    I remember orgasms that overwhelmed the mind with explosions of light and colour - borderline religious experience as I shot and shot into pussy so velvety and sweet because it’s so new and overwhelming. My hormones were through the roof - I got erections when buses went over speedbumps. 

    My second partner, my first real love though; long hair that she would dye different colours, a virgin but hungry for me to be inside her. We were on holiday and her mother was cool with us having sex (I had to wonder if the crafty woman was on the other side of the wall listening intently).

    We’d tried a few times; oh, how we tried. I would push and push against her hymen, but it was unusually thick and nothing, not often a gentle probing finger, could coax it to even stretch. I’d read of such things and told her that it could be fixed in an afternoon at the doctor’s office, but she said she didn’t want to lose her cherry to a doctor - she wanted to lose it to me.

    I was on top, between her legs. My cock was bending under the constant pressure of my hips, the head of my cock just fitting enough into her that her hymen was cutting into my cock and Angie (*not her real name) was whimpering.

    "We can stop…" I offered.

    "Keep going," she smiled through her tears.

    I lifted my hips up, raised myself on tip-toes and hands and tried to bring the weight of my body to bear on her pussy. I felt it suddenly, slowly, give way, and I slid down, throbbing, into the deepest part of her cunt.

    "Oh my god…." Angie gasped in delight. It had stopped hurting for Angie the moment she finally tore, settling into a dull burn, overwhelmed by a feeling of delicious fullness.

    I gritted my teeth and tried not to spill my seed immediately. Her pussy was so insanely hot and wet it was like I’d lowered my cock into a bath. I scooted back onto my haunches and gently played with Angie’s breasts. We stayed there, feeling each other twitch inside.

    "Okay… I think I’m ready for more." Angie said, wiggling her hips a little and making soft noises of pleasure that made my balls ache.

    I began to saw in and out of her, a thin ring of blood around the base of my cock. She kept asking for more, faster, harder, more, deeper, faster…

    "Oh fuck… I’m going to come!"

    "Do it! We’ll come together!!"

    We cried out each other’s names as I sprayed months worth of pent up seed into her willing womb, jet after jet until it felt like every tension and worry I’d ever had turned to water and flowed away from me.

    I often wonder, now we’ve grown up and moved on to other people, whether that beautiful girl ever thinks back to the summer we spent tracing patterns in each other’s sweat, because I do.



    Mmmm… I fit so wonderfully well inside you, sweetie :] mmm

    She was dripping with excitement as she pushed against his buttocks, trying to push more and more of his fat cock inside her, His thick, bare cock throbbed with excitement. He was on the edge and she knew it. 

    "Don’t pull out…" she whimpered between thrusts, "Fill me… fill me to the brim…"

    With a groan, he slammed home and shot and shot and shot„,

    (Source: everything-fuckable, via breedingalpha)

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